Post 16 Code of Conduct

The Post 16 Centre starts with a silent start and end to the day with silent 1 and silent 5. During these periods students are required to work in silence without any use of their mobile phone.

Outside of silent 1 and 5 students are expected to keep noise to a minimum to ensure that everyone can still work productively. The common room during periods 2-4 is available for students to use. There are two conference spaces available for students to book. The library is available at all times. 

Students are able to access laptops from to Mr. Campbell-Julian. Laptops must be treated with respect and any damage will result in students being required to pay for any costs due.

Home Study

For students to be considered for home study the below expectations must be met. 

  • Above 96% attendance.
  • No more than 5 lates during a term.
  • No more than 6 behaviour points during a term.
  • No academic concerns raised.
Post 16 Dress Code Expectations

  • Arrive to KC and to all lessons on time
  • Have an attendance of above 96%
  • Adhere to the Post 16 Dress Code
  • Adhere to the Post 16 Centre Code of Conduct
  • Complete all homework and meet coursework deadlines
  • Show a positive attitude to learning

Students who comply to these non-negotiables will be rewarded with Home Study at set times in the academic year.