Key Contacts

Please use the email addresses below to contact year or curriculum leads.
Mr Wright, Mr Heffernan and Mrs Horne
Mrs Kinsella, Miss Shipley and Miss Gilligan
Mrs Lonergan, Mr Rowbotham and Mr Brennan
Ms Williams, Mrs Read and Mr Hartnett
Mr Smith, Mrs Clifford and Mrs Lloyd-Jones
Mr Campbell-Julian, Ms Mellor, Mr Murray, Mrs de-Wit and Mrs Matharu
Mrs Williams, Miss Kennedy & Mr Hartnett


Learning Director: Mrs Wright
Leadership Team Link: Mr Meadway


Learning Director: Ms Turner
Leadership Team Link: Mr Meadway


Learning Director: Mr Kent
Leadership Team Link: Mr Meadway


Learning Director: Mrs Paice
Leadership Team Link: Mr Brennan

Modern Foreign Languages

Learning Director: Ms Sherred
Leadership Team Link: Mrs Horne

ICT, Business & Finance

Subject Lead for ICT: Mr Rose

Subject Lead for Business and Finance: Mrs Chukwudi

Leadership Team Link: Mrs Matharu


Learning Director: Miss Newell
Leadership Team Link: Mr Hartnett

Visual Arts

Learning Director: Mrs Hannant
Leadership Team Link: Miss Gilligan


Learning Director: Miss Pettingale
Leadership Team Link: Mrs Lloyd-Jones

Performing Arts

Learning Director: Mrs Townsend
Leadership Team Link: Mr Williams

Social Sciences

Head of Social Science: Miss Newall
Leadership Team Link: Mr Hartnett

Special Educational Needs

Learning Director: Mr O’Leary
Leadership Team Link: Mr York

Careers Programme

Careers Lead: Mr Hobbs
Leadership Team Link: Mrs De-Wit