Uniform & Equipment


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Please ensure all items of uniform are named.


Jewellery and Make-up

The wearing of make-up for College is inappropriate and not encouraged.
If worn, make-up must be minimal and subtle (no bright colours). Nail varnish, if worn, must be natural or pale in colour. The wearing of jewellery, other than a watch and plain stud earrings, is not allowed on health and safety grounds.

Where students have pierced ears, a plain stud (without stones) only may be worn – no more than one in either ear lobe. Students may wear one plain, flat and discrete nose stud in their nose. This must not be raised or in a ring style. All studs must be removed for PE/Games for health and safety reasons.

If students have piercings requiring them to wear additional jewellery, such as nose studs, extra ear studs, eyebrow studs, tongue studs etc. they will be told to remove them during the College day even if this means the piercing will close up. If worn for religious reasons a request should be made in writing to the Headteacher and each case will be considered on an individual basis.


  • We do not permit extreme haircuts at Kingsthorpe College for health & safety reasons and because they can serve as a distraction to other children.

  • Kingsthorpe College students should have hair of a natural colour.

  • Clippered hair must be no shorter than a number two grade. Hair shaved in patterns or into a Mohawk style are not permitted.

  • Long hair must be tied up for sports/creative arts subjects.

  • Hair accessories should be discreet and black, white, red or grey in colour.

  • If a hijab is worn, it must be plain black in colour and design. In summer, a plain white hijab may be worn.


Students are expected to wear full College uniform at all times and abide by these expectations. If a student deliberately fails to wear the full College uniform or the student contravenes hair or jewellery expectations, they will be removed from lessons and recreation time until the non-uniform item is rectified. Whilst wearing Kingsthorpe College uniform students are representing the College in the local community. Any behaviour outside of College whilst wearing our uniform, which falls short of our expectations and which brings the College’s reputation into disrepute may result in disciplinary action by the College.

Sixth Form Dress Code

The dress code for Sixth Form students embodies our conviction that the appearance of our students should reflect the professional environment in which they learn and their responsibility as role models. This is the same expectation as we have of our staff and the same dress code policy.

Equipment for Learning

Students are expected to have essential tools for learning including pens, pencils, scientific calculator, geometry set, a ruler and rubber and the correct PE kit. Students need to bring their equipment into school in a standard sized bag. These are non-negotiable and there are consequences in place for students who fail to bring these to school.