Values and Ethos

Aspiration, Responsibility, Respect and Care
  • To significantly stretch the performance and achievement of every student.

  • To provide an exciting curriculum that makes learning enjoyable.

  • To develop in each student a positive self-image and sense of worth.

  • To promote high aspirations and high expectations.

  • To develop respect for, and the recognition of, the needs of others.

  • To enable each student to make informed decisions and exercise their rights and responsibilities.

To achieve all of this we will:
  • Work in close partnership with students and their families.

  • Engage effectively with other services in meeting all students’ needs.

  • Sustain an ordered community where expectations are consistently applied.

  • Encourage students to take responsibility and develop leadership skills by working with each other.

  • Promote enrichment activities which build on the curriculum and develop personal qualities.

Our Ethos and Culture

A genuine commitment to respect for individuals is shown in the daily life of Kingsthorpe College. One of the first things you notice when you walk into College is how nice everybody is to each other – how frequently people smile, share a friendly joke, take an interest in each other and find something positive and encouraging to say. It is also a very calm, relaxed place – not because there is never any noise (!) but because we make a point of ‘not shouting’.

Young people hate being shouted at (so do adults actually). It makes it harder for them to listen and respond positively. We believe that people choose their own behaviour and making the right choice is sometimes easier for some than others – but everybody chooses. Students at Kingsthorpe College appreciate the fact that, as a College, we are extremely fortunate that our young people usually make the right decision. They are very well behaved so that every minute of every lesson is made to count.

Staff at the school also understand that people appreciate being noticed for doing the right thing. We therefore make a point of praising and rewarding at every opportunity so that students feel good about themselves as often as possible. This goes for the staff too!