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From all of us at the Year 7 team may we extend a very warm welcome to parents, carers and students of Year 7

As a Year team we work hard for students to become proud members of Kingsthorpe College where we strive to make the transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 a smooth one, offering support and guidance every step of the way to all.

Pastoral support and care are key to a successful transition process and at Kingsthorpe College we have this in abundance. Year 7 consists of 8 Tutors that will grow and nurture students from the moment they step through the classroom door forming a good base for meaningful learning and discussion on future ambitions.

As a Year team we also believe in healthy competition, an Inter-Tutor competition takes place on a weekly basis, points being given for best behaviour, most achievement points, punctuality and finally the best attendance. We believe that a sense of competition breeds teamwork and ultimately success. We are proud to say that all students who join Year 7 relish this and their hard work this year has led to be the most successful year group across the College demonstrated through winning the Inter-Year competition at all stages so far this year.

We will continue to push hard to ensure that our College core values, Respect, Responsibility, Aspiration and Care are engrained in our students, meaning that they will leave Kingsthorpe College being well rounded and successful high achieving students.

As a Year team we work hard for students helping them to become proud members of Kingsthorpe College and offer support and guidance every step of the way to all. We continually have high expectations of our students making sure that they get things right first time, every time and make no apologies for having these high standards. We expect the best from our year group at all times.

We believe in healthy competition and so reward tutor groups based on good behaviour, achievement points and attendance; a sense of competition and collective responsibility encourages team work and success. It is important to reward students and give them opportunities to take part in things that they might otherwise not have been able to do and so we encourage our year group to take up opportunities to attend theatre trips, be part of debating competitions as well as being involved in the wider community.

Building strong relationships between ourselves and the parents of our year group is vital in raising standards. We see home and school as a team that needs to come together to support students and raise standards.

We will continue to push hard to ensure that our College core values, Respect, Responsibility, Aspiration and Care are engrained in our students, meaning that they will leave Kingsthorpe College being well rounded and successful high achieving students.

In year 9 we aim to improve students from day to day, term to term and year to year. Our ultimate goal is encourage year 9 students to aspire, attain and develop past any limitation. All students start their day in tutor time where they undergo activities that will enrich their lives or aid in the progress to becoming well rounded members of society. These activities include challenges for personal development, curriculum based tasks, charity work, themed assemblies and news based quizzes. 

As a year group we try to embody the colleges’ core values of care, respect, aspiration and responsibility. These help us to focus on the key areas of attendance, behaviour and achievement. Year 9 students have achieved greatness in and outside of school. They have been to Silverstone for extra curricula trips, had a careers day led by several Northampton businesses and Humanutopia; a wellbeing day around respect and bullying. Many are also involved in sports and dance; representing themselves and Kingsthorpe at county/national level. Students achieved national recognition for their project based around the Sky Ocean Rescue scheme. 

As the Year team Mrs VanGeijlswijk and I are incredibly proud and continually hope that the individuals in our care will lead miraculous lives whilst at Kingsthorpe College and beyond.

With respect,

Mr Hill & Mrs VanGeijlswijk & the year 9 tutors

In Year 10 we strive to be the best year group in the college, in every way.

We encourage all of our students to be determined and be the best that they can be. We always have the College’s core values in mind (CARE, RESPECT, ASPIRATION and RESPONSIBILITY) and it is an expectation that our students demonstrate these in and outside of their College life.

Our year group consists of 8 tutor groups with a dedicated team of tutors with a range of expertise.  During tutor time form groups follow a program of activities which are undertaken including PSHE. These lessons cover a range of age appropriate materials that are relevant and cover the curriculum for PSHE. Other tutor group activities are based around achievement, attendance, numeracy and literacy. Form tutors and the year team play a pivotal role in attendance and we have seen a great improvement in attendance this year. We have also ran several attendance competitions to rewards students with excellent attendance and to entered them into prize draws

This year has also seen us have great success in the whole school rewards competition, where houses compete throughout the year in regard to Attendance, Behavior, Aspiration Awards, Punctuality and other aspects of school life.

In Year 10 we also promote healthy competition between form groups in terms of achievement and behaviour points. It is fantastic that there is healthy competition between forms to get the most achievement points. We have high expectations of the students within year 10 as we strive to continue to be the best year group in the school ultimately meaning that our students achieve great success through their time at KC.

The vision of the Year 11 team is to develop all students to aspire to be their best with the knowledge that they have the full support of their tutor, year team and their parents/carers. We aim to nurture and challenge students towards success and support them at every opportunity to enhance their learning.

During PSHE we look to prepare them for careers/futures beyond their time as a student. We value their experiences and adapt to every child to support progress. Students are actively encouraged to take ownership of their final year in school in addition to support. Furthermore, focus is placed on developing strong relationships with parents, as research suggests that parental input/engagement is imperative in improving student outcomes.

Our ethos is “work hard, think big and listen well”. This underpins all that is done to support, guide and most importantly challenge our students, but yet still ensures that they understand that to be successful they must be willing and active participants in their learning journey and ultimately academic success in this pivotal moment in their education.

During Year 11, despite the tough workload, the year group are encouraged to be successful in their  chosen creative and sporting endeavours and in their fundraising efforts. Students also have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by applying to be a prefect. The prefect team lead the year group and at times the whole school, in activities and events throughout the year and act as ‘The Voice’ of both Year 11 and the wider community.

Students in this year group can pride themselves on being the year group most recognised for their camaraderie and enthusiasm in getting involved in school life. The tutor team along with Mrs Patel and I will be here to guide and support all members of the year group through the year. We all look forward to working with students, staff and parents as a collaborative team to ensure the best outcomes for each individual. I am already so proud of this year group and know that you will work hard throughout Year 11 to ensure that you have success, as a year group and individually.  Dream big, listen well and work hard to achieve your potential and we will support you in this.


Last updated: 25 Mar 2020