Our in-house catering is provided by a company called Amey.

Working together with Amey, we are extremely excited about the re-branding of our restaurant - 'Our Kitchen'.

A new menu, more options and a new look restaurant and furniture, adds to the whole dining experience of students and staff alike, and provides fresh, nutritious and High Street style looking food that everyone knows and loves such as wraps, paninis, fresh pasta and curries!

Check out the menu and prices below:

Allergy and Nutritional info

Week commencing 7 September
https://j.mp/37QNuLE or
Week 2 https://j.mp/2Nq77Rj or
Week 3 https://j.mp/39xjuW2 or
Week 4 https://j.mp/2Nh9JkJ or
Week 5 https://j.mp/2YnJYWj or
Week 6 https://j.mp/3do1oWX or
Last updated: 14 Mar 2021