Our aim

Alongside the subjects our students have chosen to study, the college offers a variety of enrichment opportunities. This is to give our students the skills and attributes necessary to transition into the wider world as successfully as possible.

Enrichment periods

As part of our Evolve programme, students are allocated timetabled slots in which they can choose from a variety of activities to support their growth and development as a member of a community. These opportunities include:

  • Volunteering with younger students in a classroom setting. Post 16 students who wish to do this are encouraged to organise their own contribution to a faculty of their choice. The students develop their professional communication skills with both adults and peers while enhancing the classroom experience of our younger pupils.
  • Student Leadership Team. Becoming a member of the SLT gives students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and make their voices heard in matters of student experience. From this team, the Head Student will be elected; this individual will be responsible for communicating ideas to senior staff and for monitoring the roles of the rest of the SLT.
  • Paired reading. Organised by the library staff, this activity gives students the opportunity to support younger pupils in a quiet and caring manner. This is ideal for any students wishing to enter professions in the care sector, or education.
  • External paired reading. As above, students support their younger peers at a nearby Special Educational Needs school by reading with them, making them feel comfortable with new people while developing their literacy skills.

As an alternative or in addition to these opportunities led by school staff, students are encouraged to support in the wider community by taking part in activities they choose to volunteer for (examples include Brownies, Scouts, charity shops, community gardening projects). If a student has decided to do this, we require evidence of time spent partaking in the activity for both health and safety reasons and to best enable us to write a positive and accurate reference.

PSHE lessons

In accordance with national guidelines, students take part in PSHE lessons with their tutor group once per fortnight. Over a year, there are three themes:

  • Health and Wellbeing. This includes the importance of physical, emotional, mental and sexual health, and how to spot the signs when they decline. This theme encourages students to make informed decisions about their own and others’ health in the future.
  • Relationships. Throughout their future, students will need to develop strong relationships with many different people in many different contexts. This theme encourages students to think about managing emotions within both professional and personal relationships, and to respect individuals within a diverse community.
  • Economic Wellbeing and Work. The aim of this theme is to demonstrate how students can become a productive member of the shared economy, as well as how to develop their financial skills in the context of real life. In addition, students are encouraged to think about improving their employability and presenting their skills in a working environment.


Post 16 students may raise funds or awareness for our yearly nominated charity or for any charity they choose. Those interested in fundraising are encouraged to speak in assemblies to raise awareness of activities and ways in which their peers can get involved.

Work experience

All students in Year 12 are required to undertake work experience. While there is time allocated for this (a week during term 4), students are supported and directed towards appropriate placements from a database of opportunities in the local area. Students may arrange their own work experience; in this case the appropriate risk assessments and enrolment forms are necessary.

Tutor time

Our students are each linked with a tutor whom they see on a regular basis. Group activities include teambuilding exercises such as quizzes and discussions. Students have one-to-one meetings with their tutor on a termly basis to establish a good working relationship and to give students the opportunity to talk through their development both in their subjects and with their enrichment activities. The tutor is the first port of call if a student needs added support in their college experience.

Last updated: 13 Oct 2019