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KC Events


25.09.2014 18:00 - 19:00
Y6 Open Evening


14.10.2014 14:00 - 18:00
Progress Day


End of Term 1


13.11.2014 18:00 - 20:00
Post 16 Evening 6pm


Main School Post 16


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Kingsthorpe College Summer School   Day 1 9.00am - Arrival The students arrived bright and early at 9am this morning. It was great to see so many excited new students queuing at reception to get in. Everyone was excited, albeit a little nervous about what the week might... Read more
Congratulations Year 11 A huge congratulations to our Year 11 students who have just become the best performing students in the history of Kingsthorpe College. The class of 2014 have set a new standard for others to follow! Despite the national decline in results... Read more
Congratulations Year 13 A huge well done to all our Year 13 students who have now completed their Post 16 studies with us. We are thrilled that they have got the results they desire and are now able to move on to the Universities of their choice. 96% of students have... Read more
PPPP Poetry! Dreadlockalien gives Kingsthorpe College a fresh approach to poetry Dreadlockalien (also known as Richard Grant) has an impressive C.V. - former Birmingham Poet Laureate, BBC Radio 4 host of ‘Poetry’, UK representative at the World Poetry Championships, host of Glastonbury Festival ‘Poetry and Words’, to name... Read more
Year 7 Multi-Sports Event On Wednesday 16 July, over a 150 Year 7 students took part in a multi-sport event.  The activities that took place were Football (7-A-Side); Rounders and Longball.  Throughout the morning competition was ‘fierce’, with all students participating... Read more
France trip 2014 Last weekend, 34 Year 7 students, 3 Sixth Form Students and 4 Kingsthorpe Staff ventured forth into France for a long weekend to the coastal town of Le Touquet, an hour along the coast from Calais. For a good number of our students it was their... Read more
Gifted and Talented Trip to the University of Birmingham   On Friday 20th June, a group of Year 9 students attended an event at Birmingham University.The event called, ‘Future Scholars’ was designed to get higher achieving students to aspire to the top Universities.  The day included a talk on student... Read more
Special trip to Alton Towers Blue House continue to show success in all aspects of school life at Kingsthorpe College. This year, once again Blue House were the winners of the Inter House Rewards Tracker.  All students at Kingsthorpe College are engaged in healthy... Read more
Poetry Challenge Following Richard Grant aka Dreadlock Alien’s visit to the College last week he has offered to mentor some of our students and to create a writing club to ‘increase vocabulary awareness and embed good writing, organisational skills, team work... Read more
Yr 6 Transfer Day Students should arrive at the College by 8.30am wearing their present school uniform where they will be directed to the assembly point and will be met by the House Managers. The only equipment they will need to bring is a pencil case and writing... Read more
Y10 Mock Exams Students in Year 10 will be sitting Mock Exams in most subjects starting the week beginning Monday 30th June. We are doing this for the first time so the students can familiarise themselves with the exam procedures. It will be the first time... Read more
Primary School Sports Tournaments On Wednesday 11th June, Kingsthorpe College welcomed visitors from primary schools across the town. We hosted a netball and a football tournament after school for a total of 17 schools!  The Year 5 and 6 Football Tournament was organised for... Read more