We are not afraid to do things slightly differently at Kingsthorpe College, and we feel that there are multiple reasons why you may decide to stay with us if you are a current member of the lower school, or consider joining us from another school:

Students study three A levels/BTECs at Kingsthorpe – whereas the majority of Sixth Forms require all students to study four subjects at year 12 before dropping down to three. We feel this gives our students the chance to devote more time to the subjects that really matter to them, and as a result improve their grades. This is negotiable and some of our most able students do prefer the challenge of taking on four subjects, which we allow if we agree it is right for them.

Post 16 is housed in a separate area of the school, with a range of stunning new facilities including a common room, meeting room, and two separate study areas manned by an Independent Learning Manager.

Students play a major role in the running of Post 16, with a Student Leadership Team that is elected early in the academic year. They as a team work with students both in the main school and Post 16. There is a Post 16 dress code that students played an influential role in deciding upon.

We have an Art department that boasts some of the finest facilities in Northamptonshire, where our students routinely achieve far above their expected level. If you are interested in Art please do make a private appointment to see our facilities and discuss your passion with our department staff.

Aim Higher Programme

The KC Aim Higher Programme provides specialist guidance and enrichment opportunities to support progression to elite universities. The programme is aimed at the highest GCSE performers, who have the potential to succeed at a high level in their A Levels. The most prestigious universities in the UK have extremely demanding entry requirements that often go above and beyond simply needing exceptional grades, and therefore this programme aims to develop you as an individual and ensure your application stands out above the rest. 

  • £200 bursary to support your academic progress if you achieve 5 grade 7’s or above in your GCSE. 
  • Personalised support and guidance on making applications to the top universities.
  • Extensive support with writing personal statements to make your application as strong as possible.
  • Help with admissions tests such as TSA, LNAT, BMAT, UKCAT, etc.
  • Practice interviews for Oxbridge applicants.
  • Guidance on extra-curricular activities that would strengthen an application, including debating, and appropriate work experience and volunteering.
  • Opportunities to attend talks/workshops from external speakers representing the top universities.
  • Visits to Russell Group universities.
  • Opportunity to take part in the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), an independent research project like a university dissertation.
  • Updates on opportunities available outside of College, including open days, conferences and workshops.
  • Support with applying for summer schools in a range of subjects.
  • Attendance at the Higher Education Fair and Oxbridge Regional Conference.

Post 16 Pathways

UCAS and UnifrogStudents are supported in their Post 18 options in a wide variety of ways: from a wide variety of speakers from universities - lecturers and students - to visits and activities.  The school subscription to the Unifrog service means students can keep an extremely detailed record of their university and apprenticeship searches, and have the details of different courses, qualifications, and careers all in one very convenient place.  We have an outstanding record of helping students gain the grades required for their desired place at university, with many students achieving a full set of offers from all the universities they apply to, and over 80% securing a position at their first-choice university.  Students are required to write a 4000-character personal statement to sell themselves to the prospective university, and the range of extra-curricular activities we offer to students means there is always plenty to be able to comment on.

Future Days

StudentsWhilst there is a focus on careers from the very start of year 12, noticeably the Business Breakfast in October where students will meet with employers from a range of different industries and job roles, the official launch of the UCAS and university programme starts in June. Students have two days off timetable for ‘Future Days’.  These days really ensure students are fully aware of all options available to them, with an additional range of speakers and activities planned to ensure students are fully motivated and enthused for the journey ahead of them.

Super curricular pathways

We offer a wide range of super curricular activities for Post 16 students - from speakers such as Football Association Chairman David Dean, to professional judges, economists and politicians.  Students have the option to take part in the Extended Project Qualification, a 5000-word dissertation university like project about a subject of their choice, worth UCAS points and the equivalent of half an A-level. Activities and events will vary year to year depending on the interests and passions of students; in past years we have run a debating society which has competed against other schools and in national competitions, a robotics club, and TED talks. The Young Enterprise competition, where students form their own business and sell products and services is also extremely popular, with KC students winning on a regional level against other schools on several occasions. 

Last updated: 14 Mar 2021