In our rapidly changing and increasingly complex global community, we need strong and diverse leaders.

At Kingsthorpe College, we believe that leadership experience and education for youth has become essential to help young people tackle and transform the challenges of today's "real" world: the responsibilities and needs of life beyond the realms of home and classroom

What Is Leadership?

Following the best practices of the many leadership models, we believe that strong student leadership will make a difference in our College. We believe that it is a shared process of building a stronger community, improving the way things are done, developing better relationships, showing compassion for others and making our College a better place. In their commitment to a common purpose, our leaders learn to be both self-reflective and action-oriented individuals who can develop a vision, create new ways of seeing and doing, challenge the process, enlist and encourage others on their journey, unleash energy, solve problems, raise awareness, help others, share opportunities, facilitate change and create results; perhaps most significantly, they learn to empower and recognize others in their initiatives to accomplish a goal.

At Kingsthorpe, we believe leaders are made, not born. Leadership is not an innate trait or gift in an individual reserved for only for the most "accomplished"; all people, all students can be leaders. Our Student leadership at Kingsthorpe College seeks to nurture and develop this potential through a student-centred and student-led experiential model, guided through mentorship, education and lots of experience.

Leadership Opportunities throughout Kingsthorpe College

Our Student Leadership Programme provides a myriad of enrichment opportunities outside the formal curriculum. Students can grow in character and practise leadership skills, here are some of the opportunities that are on offer at Kingsthorpe College:

Prefect System

We have over 20 prefects who are Year 10 and 11. These have a pivotal role in driving agendas forward. These students are allocated to Year 7 and 8 students, of whom they mentor. They are attached to a particular subject area of specialism. They play an active role in the College Council. They also help out at opening evenings and charity events.

KC Voice – Young Communicators

Every student at Kingsthorpe College is entitled to have her voice heard. Promoting Student Voice at Kingsthorpe College helps to develop students who are able to take ownership of their learning and behaviour. Use the links to explore some of their views.

Young Communicators are representatives from all year groups who raise, discuss and propose resolutions about issues which are important to the students they represent. 

Kingsthorpe College are always looking for communication leaders to share KC Voice and to lead initiatives to support KC and our wider community.

Young Communicators are provided opportunities to get thoughts heard and take a lead in gathering the opinions of other students. With a direct link to the Head Teacher, it is the best way to get your voice heard and impact change on issues that matter to you.

By becoming a Young Communicator students develop their abilities to work as a team, to lead and use initiative and to present ideas to others.

KC Voice

Sport Leaders:

We provide our students with the opportunity to receive training to enable them to take on leadership roles in sports environments. We have many different groups of sport leaders within Kingsthorpe College. Our general sport leaders are confident, enthusiastic students who organise and run a variety of multi-sports activities for primary school children. They are all put through a 6 hour Young Leaders Training workshop which covers all the basics needed to lead activities successfully. This training heavily focuses on ‘what makes a good leader’ and the students develop a range of transferable skills that they can use in all aspects of their lives.

There are also a number of groups of students who are sport specific leaders. We have specialist leaders in each of the following sports:

  • Tag Rugby
  • Football
  • Sportshall Athletics
  • Netball

We aim to continue to build on our pool of Sport Leaders by encouraging more students to get involved, as well as offering a wider range of Sport Specific leadership training opportunities.

Last updated: 14 Mar 2021