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Faculty Introduction:

Sociology is all about the study of social behaviour – how people behave in groups, why people behave the way they do, what factors in society affect their behaviour. In looking at human behaviour, sociologists go far beyond the “common sense”, investigating all of the important areas of social life and the major issues and problems facing modern society. Sociology provides students with a greater understanding of complex issues and problems facing contemporary society

Topics / Modules to be covered:

Year 12

  • Work, Poverty & Welfare
  • Education
  • Sociological Methods

Year 13

  • Mass Media
  • Crime and Deviance
  • Theory and Methods


A Level

  • Paper 1: Education/ Sociological Methods - 2 hours
  • Paper 2: Wealth Welfare & Poverty & Mass Media - 2 hours
  • Unit 3: Crime and Deviance / Theory and Methods - 2 hours


Homework is regularly set and assessments are returned to students within one week of completion. Marking follows the College’s CAR marking policy

Enhancement & Enrichment Activities:

  • Lunch time Sociology Surgery
  • After school revision lessons
  • Sociology Methods in Context Revision Day
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