These procedures must be followed in the event of a set of circumstances where it is believed there is a risk to life (or in the event of a mock evacuation).

Duty of care

Adults have a duty of care to minors whilst they are on site and must take appropriate actions to ensure their safety during emergency evacuations. Typically, this will involve them taking charge of a tutor group, or a class of students until the all clear is given. All staff should be proactive in taking charge of students.

Chain of command

During an emergency evacuation, the chain of command passes through Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher, Senior Teachers and Achievement Directors / Faculty Directors. The Duty Fire Officer will work in liaison with the Fire Marshalls and Site Wardens to ensure evacuation procedures are carried out efficiently. Directors of Year / Faculty Directors will ensure teachers in their teams carry out their duties as detailed below.

Signalling an emergency evacuation

There are a number of ways an evacuation could be signalled. Usually, a long, continuous bell will sound. When it is not possible to sound the evacuation bells, air horns or hand bells will be used.

Whole college evacuation

  1. On hearing the bells/horns, each class in the block must leave the building immediately, quickly, quietly and orderly, leaving baggage in the room, supervised by the class teacher along with support staff.
  2. Before exiting the classroom, all windows and the door should be closed if it is safety to do so. Doors should not be locked.
  3. One nominated member of the Faculty, usually the most senior/fire marshall, must quickly tour the block (including toilets) to check no-one is left in the building and that doors are shut. At the first opportunity they should report (to the Duty Fire Officer) that their area has been cleared.
  4. All teachers and students must make their way in an orderly fashion, taking the closest and safest evacuation route, following the external paths detailed below, to the usual Year group muster points unless they are directed to assemble at alternative muster points. Classes must line up (and remain) in register order to facilitate an attendance check by teachers.
  5. To Appointed members of the Student Services team ensure registers are taken to muster points and handed to relevant Deputy Head of Year’s. Tutors much check attendance and immediately report absentees to the Directors of Year.
  6. Achievement Directors must check absentee lists against the late book and then report any unaccounted for students to the Duty Fire Officer.
  7. Contractors and visitors will follow standard evacuation procedures and will be checked by Reception personnel.
  8. The site manager and in his absence the senior member of the AMEY team will summon the emergency services.
  9. Disabled/impaired students should follow their individual evacuation plans as provided by the College Fire Officer (Individual timetables are in the fire folders for these students).

Reception should then be notified that an evacuation has taken place. The rest of the College within the main buildings will not be evacuated.

Evacuation routes

Block 1 (MFL, ICT, Maths, Library Main Hall, Dining Hall) and Sixth Form Block

Exit the Building via the nearest safe fire exits and staircases and evacuate the site via the side (public footpath) gate and proceed to muster points on Astroturf.

Block 2 (PE, Sports Hall, Gym,)

Exit the Building via the nearest safe fire exits and follow the footpath to the side driveway. If exiting into the covered courtyard area from the Gym leave the site though the main end of day exit. In all cases follow footpaths to the side driveway and go down the drive around the back of sixth form to the steps that lead down to the Astroturf proceeding to muster points on Astroturf. The exception to this is if it is necessary to exit the Sports Hall via the back doors. In this case the site should be evacuated as per Block 1.

Block 3 (Music, Inclusion, Offices)

Exit the Building via the nearest safe fire exits and staircases and follow footpaths to the side driveway. Follow the drive around to the steps that lead down to the Astroturf and proceed to muster points on Astroturf.

Block 4 (Science, Humanities, English, Technology)

Exit the Building via the nearest safe fire exits and staircases.

  • If exiting via the external staircase and far end of the Technology corridor (gate key held by Elaine Facer but also hanging on wall next to door of Tech Prep room), follow the footpath around the front of the building to the side driveway. In case of immediate danger access the driveway through the car park.
  • If exiting via the internal staircase fire escape follow pathways and again proceed to the side driveway.

In both cases follow the footpath down past the tennis courts to the Astroturf.

Muster points

Usual muster points are as follows:

Drop-off lay-by - Visitors, Some Administration Staff, Technicians, Canteen Staff – Student Services Supervisor (or deputy in her absence) to telephone Fire Officer to confirm all are accounted for.

Astroturf (as detailed below) Whole College with the exception of the above personnel.

Year 7 Year 10 Post 16

Steps & Gate

Year 11 Year 8 Year 9
Bottom Gate

In the event of it being considered dangerous to assemble at usual must points, evacuees will be directed to an alternative venue.

It is the responsibility of all participants to ensure that these steps occur calmly and with maximum efficiency.

Never assume an emergency evacuation is “just a drill”. If the College announced that an evacuation practice were to take place and a real emergency occurred at that time, then the results of a casual approach to an evacuation could be fatal.

Last updated: 03 Jul 2020