2fast2soon – Students in year 12 learn about Road safety

Students from year 12 had a visit from the company 2fast2soon, who delivered a lesson on driving safety and avoiding the pressures of drink-driving and driving while texting. Young people are disproportionately more likely to be involved or killed in car accidents, and many may not be aware of the ramifications of dangerous driving. Many students are now starting to learn to drive, so the timing of the talk is particularly appropriate.

The presentation was led by a Northamptonshire Police officer, who has first-hand experience of car accidents and the consequences if you are caught driving dangerously. Students were asked to identify factors that most commonly lead to serious car accidents, known as the ‘fatal four’: these included not wearing a seatbelt, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, using a mobile while driving and speeding.
A brave volunteer (Luke) was also given a drug test during the discussion on drink and using drugs whilst driving - I’m please to say he came up as negative, and had not been drinking that morning or taken any other substances! The officers also explained the existing driving laws in place in the UK, such as who is responsible for seatbelt wear and new drug testing laws.
Students in year 13 will have workshops later in the week where they will learn more about driving safety.

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