Post 16 welcome Circuit Judge Sandy Canavan

We were delighted to welcome Circuit Judge Sandy Canavan to Kingsthorpe College on Friday 12th October for a talk about her career in law followed by a Q and A session. Sandy is a Circuit Judge sitting at Snarebrook Crown Court in East London, the biggest criminal court centre in Europe. She spoke about her experiences of being a barrister and working on a range of cases, starting with personal injury and family work earlier in her career, to more recently working on cases involving terrorism and gun running.

Sandy was asked questions about the types of cases she has been involved in and how she manages to keep her calm and not become too emotionally involved in some of the more intense cases she has worked. She also brought with her robe and wig (students gasped when the cost of the wig was announced - £2000!) and spoke about different types of (quite strange!) uniform that judges wear.

The key message Sandy wanted to give was one of hope and inspiration. She attended an ordinary school and was part of a large, not especially well off, family, and through sheer determination and hard work managed to form an incredibly successful career in law. Many of our students had additional questions at the end of the talk and spoke to Sandy personally – and of course then also tried on the wig!

Mr Pomerantz

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