Students receive interview and personal statement advice from admissions tutor at Nottingham University

Year 12 and 13 students were fortunate to receive advice on interview skills and writing the perfect personal statement this week, as we welcomed Andrea Ranford, an admission tutor from Nottingham University. Robbie Dascombe-Rouse, year 13, said the following about the sessions:

During periods 3 and 4 we had a session on personal statements from Andrea Ranford from the University of Notting ham who provided us with guidance on how to effectively write a personal statement and how to best perform at interview.

We were provided with guidance on the structure of personal statements including how they should be presented and what should and should not be included in them. Andrea emphasised the importance of ensuring that all applicants spend time doing their own research around the subject to gain a better understanding of courses and modules that are available. She also recommended that beyond our academic experiences detail should include any additional stand out skills, qualities and experiences that would allow them to stand out in the application.

The interview session provided the opportunity to understand what is expected by students when they attend one. Andrea provided plenty of guidance about things we should be doing and things we should avoid. We also spent some time practicing parts of the interview.

Leaving the sessions with an information pack was useful as I will be using this to help me with my personal statement and if needed for when I attend an interview.

Robbie Dascombe-Rouse (year 13)

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