Students get financial and political on induction days at KC Post 16

Students have been learning about politics and finances during their post 16 induction days at KC. The soon to be new year 12 students, who have recently completed their GCSE’s, students undertook the usual range of taster sessions to help them make up their mind about which A-levels to take. There was a twist this time however, as students were able to try a new qualification focused on financial management, Financial Studies, ideal for anyone wishing to take up a career or further study in business or economics. The course, which can be studied as a level two qualification for those that have not yet achieved 5 A-C’s in their GCSE’s, or at level 3 (the equivalent of taking an A-level), involves students learning about short and long term financial planning, including how mortgages work, managing personal finances, and comparing different financial products. At the end of the first taster day many students then had the option to take part in a question time style debate on the forthcoming EU referendum, featuring guest speaker Michael Ellis, MP for Northampton North, and former UKIP MEP Derek.

The second day featured a guest speaker, Dale Willis, the managing director of Starting Off, a company that specialises in helping students gain apprenticeships. He spoke about how success in post 16 can lead to a wide variety of options, and not just university, and offered advice on how students can promote themselves in the best ways for future employability. The day ended with students completing postcards where they answered questions about where they want to be – and the sort of person they want to be – in two years time. They will then get these postcards back at the end of their studies in 2018 to see if they have met these aims! Before finishing the day, students were given personalised transition packs, containing summer work to be completed before they start their new courses. This will ensure they are fully prepared for the courses they have selected, and are academically ready to go after such a long time out of education.

The two induction days were very well received by students, with staff impressed at the very positive attitudes, and the evaluation forms completed by students at the end suggested they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Roll on September and the start of the new term!

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