OFSTED Report 2015

I am really proud to share our latest Ofsted report with you all and to thank you formally for the part you have played in supporting us on our improvement journey over the past 12 months.

Sometimes, in the day to day activity of College life, we get absorbed into our own discreet roles but it is critical to remember we can only do what we do effectively as a result of everyone working in unison.

We are a great team of staff, students, governors and parents but that team is made up of each individual playing their own part in the big mechanism of things. No role is insignificant. The part each individual plays makes a huge difference to our growing day by day success story.

We are all very proud about the Ofsted outcome for our students, our staff and our community. This community has undervalued itself for too long – together we have challenged that and our young people can be proud that they are receiving a good education. This is only the first step, albeit it a big one, and we will continue to give our community the best of what we can offer.

We hope you enjoy reading our report and feel the same sense of pride that we do.


Debbie Morrison OBE

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