Young Enterprise

All students in the Sixth Form actively participate in the Young Enterprise Programme.

The Young Enterprise Programme aims to “inspire young people to succeed through Enterprise”; its guiding principle is “to learn by doing”. There are four stages to this scheme.

Stage 1 – Young Enterprise Masterclass

All Year 12 students participate in the Young Enterprise master class aimed at developing a wide range of skills from problem solving to communication; from team work to originality of thought. Students work in teams to develop a business plan for specific enterprise scenarios.

In 2014 students developed businesses such as the “The Lord of the Fries”, a fast food restaurant; and “The Watering Can” florist.

Every student helps design and produce logos, slogans and T-shirts to ensure their business idea meets their target audience. The day culminates in each team presenting a pitch to a panel of judges in the hope of winning one of five awards; innovation, marketing, teamwork, best pitch and the prestigious new business of the year award.

Stage 2 – Tenner Challenge

All Year 12 students take part in the Tenner Challenge where in teams of six they are given an initial investment of £10 which they use to make more money. In 2015, the projects took on two clear themes; sweets and raising money for charity. The “Suga Rush” team completed a guess the sweets in the jar competition and raised £52 for Teenage Cancer Trust Charity; “Sweet Tooth” sold raffle tickets to win a big jar of sweets and raised £49 for Cynthia Spencer. One group raised £90.78 for the “Children are Butterflies” charity by holding a raffle for Easter Eggs and other prizes such as a Costa Coffee Hamper. The group that raised the most money sold cakes and sweets all week and as a result were able to donate £152 to the Disney Ward at the Northampton General Hospital.

Stage 3 – Summer Residential Activity

25 students apply and are then selected to take part in an outdoor activity weekend. Students then have the chance to further develop their teambuilding, problem solving, communication skills

Stage 4 – Company Programme

A team of students set up and run their own company, conducting market research, producing, marketing and selling products. In 2014, 11 Kingsthorpe College students set up ProjectMIND a social enterprise group aimed at raising the awareness for, and removing the stigma surrounding the mental health of young people. The students from their own personal experiences and market research of the target audience of 16-24 year olds knew that young people really wanted a platform to be expressive. They felt that young people were ignored, as though their mental health problems were dismissed by anyone they approached simply because of their age and the stigma attached to mental health. The team set about the production and selling of wristbands and t-shirts to make the wearers of these items the “walking representation of mental health awareness. The MIND cannot be seen, but our wristbands and t-shirts can. They are the visible aid to an invisible issue.”

The team participated in the Christmas fair held within the college selling the wristbands and cookies

Mental Health Awareness Day

ProjectMIND organised a series of events for Mental Health Awareness Day 2015 (MHAD). These included a mental Health awareness quiz which all main school students completed during the tutor period on Mental Health Awareness Day. The answers to the quiz were displayed around the school for the students to find and read.

ProjectMIND created the artwork above comprising of the photos of all the students in the college; all students signed their photos to show their support for this issue.

On Tuesday 24th March Project Mind delivered their presentation at the area final at Northampton College. The group were well prepared having spent a great deal of time rehearsing their presentation and completing the company report. Kahvan Bryan, Tomini Babs, and Jordan Davies delivered an outstanding presentation. They were ably supported by Shaquille Dyke, Rashel Kair and Jemma Harris who set up ProjectMIND’s Young Enterprise stand and answered questions set by the judges. As a result of their hard work, ProjectMIND won Best Presentation, Best Innovative Product and received runners up for the Best Company award. As a result of this they moved through to the County Final.

On Wednesday 22nd April the team went to the County Finals. Not happy to deliver the same speech or the same company report; the students improved their already impressive presentation detailing how they have now written to a range of famous people to further raise awareness of this mental health issue. The presentation was once again outstanding, leading one Young Enterprise Advisor to comment that this “was the best presentation he had seen at both local and national level for 9 years.” The students once again won the Best Presentation award. We all waited nervously for the final award of best company in the county which the students won. The students now move on to Loughborough University on the 6th May for the regional finals.

This social enterprise company is about so much more than winning awards, they have developed numerous skills as a team as well as raise awareness of an issue of vital importance to us all and one so close their hearts.

“Following the tremendous impact that ProjectMIND has had on raising student awareness and understanding of mental health, we want to ensure that future generations of students at Kingsthorpe College also benefit from ProjectMIND and the legacy that the Company has created. We hope the Company will therefore be working with younger students to develop their skills in running the social enterprise over the next few years at Kingsthorpe College.” – Mr J Kirby, Kingsthorpe College, Vice Principal.

To follow the project: @ProjectMINDUK on twitter, facebook, tumblr and instagram.

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