Kingsthorpe College goes to the polls in Mock Elections 2015

As the country goes to the polls in one of the tightest general elections in years, students at Kingsthorpe College will be getting involved, experiencing democracy first hand with their own Mock Election on 7th May. Mock Elections actively engages students with the democratic process and shows how politics affects their everyday lives.

Sixth form students and student council members have had the opportunity to listen to representatives from all the major parties in special assemblies over the past week – hearing first hand from some of the key people why they should vote for them.  Each house will now be taking a party to promote in a further assembly to the rest of the school:

  • Purple House  - UKIP
  • Red House – Labour
  • Blue House – Conservative
  • Yellow House – Lib Dems
  • Green House – Green Party

On the 7th May we will find out which party has earned the trust of students when every student in the College will have the chance to make their mark and vote for their party of choice.

Results will be published here after May 7th!

A special thanks to the following for coming in and speaking to our students:

  • Green Party - Tony Clarke
  • Lib Dem - Sally Beardworth
  • Labour -  Dan Moloney (The agent of Sally keeble, who was called away at the last moment)
  • Conservative -  Michael Ellis
  • (Tom Rubython from UKIP was invited in but unfortunately could not make it on the day).

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