Mental Health Awareness is the Winner

On Wednesday 22nd April a group of Kingsthorpe College Sixth Form students known as ProjectMIND competed in the county finals of the national Young Enterprise and won the Best Company award.

The Young Enterprise national Programme aims to “inspire young people to succeed through Enterprise”; its guiding principle is “to learn by doing”. All Sixth Form students at Kingsthorpe College participate in Young Enterprise during both Yr 12 and 13. The programme culminates in the company scheme which ProjectMIND have entered.

In 2014, 11 Kingsthorpe College students set up ProjectMIND a social enterprise group aimed at raising the awareness for, and removing the stigma surrounding the mental health of young people. The students from their own personal experiences and market research of the target audience of 16-24 year olds knew that young people really wanted a platform to be expressive. They felt ignored, as though their mental health problems were dismissed by anyone they approached simply because of their age and the stigma attached to mental health. The team set about the production and selling of wristbands and t-shirts to make the wearers of these items the “walking representation of mental health awareness. The MIND cannot be seen, but our wristbands and t-shirts can. They are the visible aid to an invisible issue.”

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