Harry Potter

Harry Potter Book Night

Wow, what a night! For the first ever international Harry Potter Book Night we held a special celebration in the library for over 60 students. Our students were treated to a very special evening of Harry Potter based activities and games along with a special reading of The Philosopher’s Stone.

All students had to attend the sorting hat ceremony and once sorted into their respective houses competed against each other to win the title of best house. The library was transformed as students participated in a huge treasure hunt, followed by wizarding word games and a tricky trivia challenge. They were also treated to butterbeer and were all invited to Honey Dukes Sweet Shop. We also held a giant raffle of Harry Potter goodies where students won copies of the books, Lego and other Harry Potter treats.
Hufflepuff were declared the winning house team and each student on the winning team received a trophy and a quill. No student went home empty handed as they were all given a goody bag as a reminder of the event.

The winner of the best dressed competition went to James Sharpe.

We would like to thank Mrs Cockerill, Miss Thomas and Mrs Lansbury for helping us run this special event and Mrs Broadbent for her endless energy in creating all of these opportunities and experiences. We all had a fantastic time and very much look forward to celebrating the next Harry Potter Book Night!

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