Kingsthorpe College Celebrate KS5 Success

Despite the unprecedented situation students have found themselves in this year, Post 16 students at Kingsthorpe College celebrated success this morning as they achieved some outstanding Key Stage 5 results. For these students - who had their school life abruptly cut short - there was a heightened sense of anxiety upon receiving their results this morning, but we are really pleased that over 80% of our students secured their first-choice university offer – a just reward for two years of dedication and hard work.

IDEK Theatre Company perform for Post 16 students

Post 16 students were thrilled to be entertained by the IDEK Theatre Company, who visited the school on the 5th July.  The hour long production used real life stories and scenarios to explore how seventeen and eighteen year olds might be feeling about the many possible career and workplace opportunities that lie ahead of them.  The drama showed the pressures that are often put on young people to apply for university courses that may not be ideal for them, be it from parents, teachers or wider society.

Meet Northamptonshire’s first Climate Change Teacher, accredited by the United Nations.

Fiona Old is the first teacher in Northamptonshire, and one of the first 80 in the UK to be a UN accredited Climate Change Teacher. Fiona Old can now deliver up to date climate change lessons to all pupils at Kingsthorpe College and plans to share Best Practice in an inset day later in the academic year, with all teaching staff, so that they too can take part in this new innovative programme being trialled in UK Schools.


Last updated: 14 Mar 2021