At Kingsthorpe College we want our students to achieve well and aim for them to match the performance of students in the in top performing schools.

We set, therefore, challenging but realistic targets for our students, taking into account their prior attainment.  Targets can vary between different subjects because nationally students perform better in some subjects than others. For example, targets are often higher in Maths because nationally the average levels are higher. Likewise, French and Spanish may be lower as the average national levels are lower.

Target Levels for Key Stage 3

Targets in KS3 subjects are set using Key Stage 2 Average Points Scores taken from the SAT tests taken in Year 6. We also use the NFER CAT scores to ensure targets set are aspirational.

Targets are given as sub levels where, for example, 4A refers to the top of the Level 4 band, 4B the middle of the band and 4C the lower of the band.

We would expect students to make two levels of progress across Key Stage 3, which equates to making two sub-levels of progress each academic year. This is reflected in targets that are reviewed and set at regular intervals throughout the year by subject teachers. The targets are used to judge whether a student is on target to reach their end of Key Stage 3 target and allow faculties to assess progress and make interventions where necessary.

Nationally, the expected average level by the end of Key Stage 3 is 5/6.

Target Levels for Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 account is taken of all the information available to us about your child, including their Key Stage 2 and 3 results and their NFER CAT scores. We use Fischer Family Trust probability information to help decide on the target grade. We set aspirational targets based on expected progress. Students are expected to make 2 levels of progress from Key Stage 3 and therefore 3 to 4 levels of progress from Key Stage 2. Progress is judged against the target grade so that we can identify where students may need extra support.

Nationally, the expected average grade is C/B.

Target Levels at Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 we use the ALPS system where aspirational targets are set using the Average GCSE Points Score from their Year 11 results. ALPS compares subjects nationally and we aspire to be in the top performing schools nationally. Targets are reviewed at the end of Year 12 before a student moves into Year 13. 

Parents Consultation Evenings

We have regular year based parents evenings where parents/guardians have the opportunity to meet with individual subject teachers to discuss progress, set and review targets. These evenings form part of our Achievement Cycle which is broken down into 6 key steps:

  • Step 1 - Achievement Data Transferred into planners
  • Step 2 - Cross age learning conversations guided by planner
  • Step 3 - Tutor discusses achievement with individuals and groups
  • Step 4 - Options and way forward recorded in planner
  • Step 5 - Student discusses achievement with parents/carers
  • Step 6 - Parent consultation evenings, 3 way learning conversation between student, parent and subject teacher
  • Should you have any queries about how your child’s target has been set, do not hesitate to contact either your son/daughter’s Achievement Director and Learning Director or Mr Wade (Deputy Headteacher).
Last updated: 23 Feb 2017