The Board of Governors - Our promise to you

The Governors and Senior team at the school will lead and inspire an excellent, modern, employer responsive curriculum. Excellent teaching and learning will be at the heart of all our delivery with academic progression, employment and enterprise embedded throughout. We will lead on strategies to enhance teaching and learning including E learning, learning resources and excellent mentoring and enrichment skills.

We will provide leadership and drive to all our professional support services to deliver excellence – efficiently and effectively. The delivery of outstanding financial management and the ability to develop our income diversity are crucial to our investment strategy. We will deliver innovative accommodation, ICT and workforce development strategies to enable the realisation of our ambitions for extending academic progression, employability and enterprise to our learners.

We will drive quality improvement, promote equality and inclusion and ensure all our students and staff receive excellence. We will promote a culture of continuous improvement throughout and beyond the learner journey.

We commit to collaborating effectively and passionately with all of our partners, locally, nationally and internationally.
In all cases we will lead, inspire, motivate and develop our staff and students as they are crucial to the Academy reaching its ambitions.
This is our promise to you all.


Name Type of Governor Voting rights Committees Responsibility
Bal Aujla Co-opted Full Staffing and Resources Chair of the Pay Committee
Chris Hilliard Trust Full Staffing and Resources, Achievement Chair of Governors
Jennifer Giovanelli Headteacher Full Staffing and Resources, Achievement
Helen Noble Staff Full Achievement
James Thomas Community Full Achievement
Deborah Mattock Community Full Staffing & Resources, Pay committee  
Jane Curle Trust Full Achievement Vice Chair of Governors, Chair of the Achievement Committee
Justin Brown Parent Full Achievement/Staffing & Resources Vice Chair of Staffing & Resources Committee
Katie Johns Parent Full Achievement
Louise Bailey Staff Full Staffing and Resources
Wendy Holderness Trust Full Staffing and Resources Chair of the Staffing and Resources Committee
Last updated: 10 Oct 2017