Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gifted and Talented?

Gifted and Talented is a Scheme which ensures that the needs of our more able students are met as an entitlement. The Scheme ensures that students of all abilities are able to meet or exceed their targets and unleash their potential. We aim to dismiss the culture of a “one size fits all” attitude towards teaching and learning. This links with our standard practice of differentiation as teachers whilst acknowledging the additional needs of G&T. The specific focus is to prevent underachievement and raise attainment ensuring that all students have access to teaching and activities that appropriately challenge them.

In keeping with the core value of “ASPIRATION”, Gifted and Talented at Kingsthorpe College will:

  • Ensure Gifted and Talented students are correctly and regularly identified and recorded.
  • Ensure all staff are aware of whom the Gifted and Talented students are.
  • Faculties are to ensure that adequate provision is made for Gifted and Talented students in their subject area.
  • Encourage departments to monitor the progress of Gifted and Talented students within their subject area in line with Kingsthorpe College’s progress monitoring.
  • Record and maintain a central register of Gifted and Talented students to enable them to be appropriately targeted and monitored.
  • Provide a range of enrichment opportunities, extra curricular activities, and trips/visits to assist students to progress further.

Gifted and Talented - The Gold Programme

This is a new initiative to stretch students in a number of key areas including; literacy, numeracy, meta-cognitive thinking etc. Students have all been provided with a Gold Programme sheet and journal.

There are a number of activities that students can undertake, in their own time, that are all awarded a number of points based on their difficulty. Students can then earn prizes once they reach a certain points value. Once tasks have been completed students should see Miss Maund to have them signed off.

Should you have any queries about the programme, or there are any areas your child does not understand, please contact Emma Maund.

We have a variety of extra-curricular sessions available throughout the year for our Gifted & Talented students.

Why does Gifted and Talented matter at Kingsthorpe College?

One of our Core Values at Kingsthorpe College is “CARE” Helping and supporting each other. We uphold a culture where high achievement is valued and high expectations are held by all. Kingsthorpe College aims to provide a high level of teaching and education to meet the needs of all students, thus helping them to achieve their full potential. Gifted and Talented Students who have demonstrated high achievement should be recognised by the school and supported in their development, within and outside of the classroom.

How do we identify a Gifted and Talented student at Kingsthorpe College?

At Kingsthorpe College, the Gifted and Talented register is compiled, updated, and distributed to all staff annually in the autumn term. The data is compiled by using the following information:
CATs data, Key Stage 2 SATs results and data from our feeder schools, KS3 data, GCSE Points scores (in the case of Sixth Formers) and teacher recommendations, in the case of art, music, PE/sport and drama.

By definition: A gifted student is one who has abilities in one or more subjects in the statutory school curriculum other than art, music and PE.

A talented student is one who has ability in art, music, sport, performing arts or drama.

A pupil who is an all-rounder will therefore be deemed Gifted and Talented.

Gifted and Talented Schemes are usually aimed at the top 5% to 10% of the students in any school, regardless of the status of that school.

The school’s Gifted and Talented register lists students in each year group with a CATs score of approximately 112 or above as this will form approximately the top ten per cent of a year cohort and suggests potential high achievers.

The students listed as “Talented” have been nominated by their teaching staff. For example, they may be students who frequently take part in school events, such as school concerts or the School Production, perform regularly outside of school, or take part in competitions at a local or national level. This links well with our status as a Specialised Sports College.

What happens once the register is published?

Once the Gifted and Talented register is published, the expectation is that teachers are aware of any Gifted and Talented students on their class lists; and the fact that they should be achieving highly. It also means that students are consistently being stretched and challenged by the teacher. This could be by means of extension work, and being encouraged to take part in activities organised by departments for Gifted and Talented students.

It is also an expected that form tutors have an idea of who has been identified as “Gifted and Talented” in their tutor group. The form tutor plays a significant role in ensuring all students are actively involved in school life. They can make aware and encourage the Gifted and Talented towards the various opportunities on offer, such as competitions, extra-curricular clubs, trips, activities, and responsibilities that will inevitably appeal to the Gifted child.

Most importantly, letters go home to parents and carers of Gifted and Talented students, at the same time as the new register is released to staff.

Kingsthorpe College monitors the progress and attitude to learning of all students very closely. This is done on a monthly basis at year 11 and termly for all other years. Therefore any of our Gifted and Talented cohorts who are not fulfilling their potential can be identified quickly and monitored more closely.

What are the main characteristics of a Gifted student?

Teachers at Kingsthorpe College should expect Gifted and Talented students in their lessons to:

  • Think quickly and accurately
  • Show creative flair in lessons and/or homework
  • Demonstrate good communication skills
  • Demonstrate outstanding potential
  • Be an excellent team member or potential leader
  • Attain a high level of attainment across a range of subjects

How might Kingsthorpe College teachers support Gifted and Talented Students in their lessons?

All students at Kingsthorpe College receive their full entitlement to the National Curriculum; students identified on the Gifted and Talented register and informally within the classroom will be given access to curriculum extension and enrichment within and outside the curriculum. An effective classroom environment will deliver pace, breadth and depth in teaching and learning and challenge through differentiation by content, learning process and outcome. The identified Gifted and Talented will normally work within their peer cohort, but specific opportunities will be provided for them to allow extra challenge to take place.

Kingsthorpe College Teachers can expect Gifted and Talented students to do the following in their lessons

  • Take leading roles in discussions, debates, and group work
  • Undertake extension work in lessons, in addition or instead of the work completed by other class members
  • Complete research on a regular basis to strengthen and extend subject knowledge
  • Share subject knowledge with their peers, by assisting a less able student.
  • Alternative tasks/provision

In addition they might also be ready to support the able child through the setting of alternative/additional homework and by giving them encouragement and ongoing support to access relevant materials i.e. Internet, websites, books and references that will further develop their independent learning skills.

What things do we do well for our Gifted and Talented students at Kingsthorpe College?

Able students generally perform well at Kingsthorpe College. There is a growing culture within the school that allows them to be very successful.

Able students are succeeding well in their subject courses and their achievements are recognised, acknowledged, and celebrated by the school.

Extra-curricular provision for Gifted and Talented students is good, e.g. extra curricular clubs, Children’s university, Duke of Edinburgh, sports clubs, school productions, dance and talent shows

Where can you find further information on Gifted and talented?

The following websites are helpful to both parents and students alike:

    This is the official site for young, gifted and talented learners and has a wide range of information for parents and students. This website will tell you more about what it means to be Gifted and Talented and includes information about courses and events for the gifted and talented child.
    This website provides more information about courses available for parents and offers high quality learning programmes and e- resources to stretch children across the curriculum.
  • http://
    This website provides excellent advice to parents and carers to find out how to identify if your child is gifted and talented, and to learn about extra educational support which is available.
    The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) is an independent charity which works with the whole family to support the child who is gifted and talented. This website offers parents of children with high learning potential the support needed for their children to thrive successfully.
    IGGY is an international network for gifted 13-18 years old students aimed at challenging its members to help them reach their full potential.
    GIFT is a company with more than 30 years’ experience of providing for the Exceptionally Able, Gifted and Talented child. It is now a specialist consultancy which runs both residential and non-residential courses for gifted children of all ages with a unique resource base of specialists providing over four hundred different extension courses for every imaginable discipline from Archaeology to Zoo physics.
Last updated: 30 Mar 2019