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The eCAT Programme (Extra-Curricular Activity Tracker) is a brand new reward scheme being run by Kingsthorpe College that recognises and rewards young people who take part in extra-curricular activities.

It is open to pupils that are in year 3 to year 8 at school. We currently have pupils signed-up to the eCAT Programme from a variety of local primary schools as well as our own Kingsthorpe College students.

Pupils who opt into the programme are provided with an eCAT Log Book. When they attend an extra-curricular club, they simply record it in their log book and get it signed by the teacher/instructor. All extra-curricular school clubs count towards the eCAT Programme. As pupils begin to accrue hours in their log book they work towards a variety of awards.

  • 25 hours – Bronze Award
  • 50 Hours – Silver Award
  • 75 Hours – Gold Award
  • 100 Hours – Platinum Award*

Awards Ceremonies will be held at Kingsthorpe College at various times throughout the year to celebrate the achievements of these young people in front of their friends, families and teachers. The Ceremonies will be fantastic events, where the award winners will get the chance to come up on stage to receive their certificates and eCAT Award Badge. It is a great way to acknowledge the young people who give up their free time to participate in extra-curricular activities.

*Anyone who accrues over 100 hours will be given a new log book and will start working towards the eCAT Diploma Awards.

Last updated: 30 Mar 2019